Les gaufres
Belgians have given us WAFFLES.

Les frites
Belgium also gave us french fries.

des putains de bonnes bières!

It's also the land of amazing beers...

Des chocolats qui sont bons en plus

And delicious chocolate and praline.

Les spéculoos!

Belgium also has the best cookies on earth: speculoos!


But Belgium isn't just great at coming up with delicious food, it's also great at pretty much everything. Case in point: Tintin is Belgian.

Les schtroumpfs

And so are the Smurfs! Le saxophone

Without Belgium, there would be no saxophone. Just imagine what a sad world we would live in. Le surréalisme

They also gave us Magritte and his surrealism.
Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jacques Brel



Thanks for making the world a better place, Belgium. We’re thinking of you!